iʻm not new to blogging, but i am new to lifestyle blogging.

my friends and I created holohologirls in 2013 and since then, life happened. other parts of our lives began to take priority and the blog began to receive less and less attention, until we were no longer updating, save for a few pictures on instagram. i hung on for awhile, thinking maybe i could rebrand the blog, but ultimately, i could no longer ignore that holoholo girls had run its course.

i have always been a believer of signs. things that are meant to be happen usually happen without a lot of struggle, and it was a series of very fortunate and striking events that prompted me to create hulihia.

hulihia is a word used at the beginning of chants about pele and also refers to a total upheaval, when things are overturned, overthrown, upside down. it marks the end or “death” of a time or era and in that chaos, rebirth follows. considering pele’s destructive force in nature, it makes sense that the term is synonymous with her. she destroys and in the process, she resets the landscape for new life.

hulihia are scary, yet exciting. in the midst of it, we have to make sense of the closing of a chapter, while looking ahead to a new beginning. in the process, we are forced to conceptualize the new iteration of ourselves; informed by past, inspired by future, and entirely rooted in the present.

this venture was prompted by a few key events. my departure from holoholo girls, my mom’s passing, and my desire to continue creating, learning, engaging in ways beyond what I’m used to. mainly, it’s my mom’s death that motivated me to step into this endeavor.

my interest in lifestyle elements started with her. growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money, so my mom sewed my clothes and in the process, instilled in me, a sense and attention to style. always expected to pay some attention to my appearance, my style sense emerged and evolved. friends began to mention how i had a knack for styling outfits, interior decorating, even creating in designing holoholo girls, but for me, it was just a good skill to have and not something to capitalize on.

hulihia is a massive jump for me because it’s a solo endeavor. i’ll pull my friends into the fold every now and again, but this will be entirely and completely mine. what will grace this blog are things i find beautiful and hopefully it might prompt people to begin sharing what they find beautiful too.

dress the way you want, eat what you want, go where you want, do what you want, as long as you’re not being an asshole to others while you’re doing it. the main thing is that you’re genuinely and exuberantly happy about it, and if you uplift people in the process, then awesome.

welcome to hulihia.

Posted by Kainoa

Kainoa is a hula practitioner, higher education professional, student, and aspiring lifestyle maven. During her free time, she enjoys writing, solo travel, photography, and the domestic arts.