the most amazing thing happened in the store yesterday. i noticed KTA sells slices of goteborg sausage at the meat counter. instead of buying an entire sausage, i could just buy a few slices. i really don’t need that much goteborg in my house that i would need to consume it everyday, so i bought a pound and brought it home to enjoy.


how they roll with goteborg at sueoka store in kōloa, kauaʻi

goteborg was a comfort food growing up on kaua’i. ask any kaua’i person if they know goteborg and they’ll tell you “of course!”. this amazing sausage was a “kaua’i thing” for a long time and then the rest of hawai’i caught onto its yummy goodness. i first noticed goteborg sausages in KTA, when i attended college here and was relieved i didn’t have to haul back sausages on the plane, even if they were a bit cheaper at home.

so how do i prefer to prepare and eat goteborg? instead of just frying up slices and eating them with rice, i like to make the standard “hors d’oeuvres” option. preparation is super easy.

  • fry the slices of sausage on medium-high heat until cooked
  • remove from pan and blot oil
  • put a spoonful of rice on each one
  • sprinkle with furikake
  • for an extra breafast-y touch, lay down a piece of scrambled egg under the rice

this morning, i tried a few different types of furikake and should have stuck to the original. the ebi and salmon were too sweet and didn’t compliment the sausage. there went being creative, but overall, it was delicious, just like how it’s made at home.

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